History 2014


History of the Kiwi Waka Festival 2014

Kiwi Waka Festival was born in 2005 from a driving passion and force of a determined woman,
Sarah Taranaki. She enlisted the help of only a handful of close friends and family and from this
delivered the first ‘KIWI WAKA FESTIVAL’ held on the Northern  Beaches, which coincides with
‘Waitangi Day’ signing of the Treaty.

Traditionally celebrated in New Zealand this day commemorates the signing of the Treaty Of
Waitangi, February 6th, 1840 by Maori Chiefs and Representatives of the British Government.
The Treaty provided the basis for the British annexation of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Kiwis
worldwide can relate to this date and host, celebrate or acknowledge this landmark in history.

Sarah and partner Lenny Kira along with the generosity of friends and family providing equipment
and help, staged the first Kiwi Waka Festival in Feb. 2006. They delivered a full day of Traditional
and Contemporary music, Quality Arts and Craft Stalls alongside Cultural Food Stalls in a friendly
and safe environment, much to the delight of the local and extended Community. Northern
Beaches local ‘Time n Tide Hotel’ in Dee Why, provided their grounds as the venue for this event.

Taking a break in 2007 & 2008, Sarah and local acclaimed artist and teacher, Joy Yates delivered
the 2nd Kiwi Waka Festival in 2009, once again, backed by the Time n Tide Hotel. Due to the
success and community support for this event to become an Annual date on the local Calendar,
Sarah and Joy decided it was time to form a Committee and Register Kiwi Waka as a Not-For-
Profit Organisation.

Kiwi Waka Inc. was established in August 2009 with a registered committee of five members.

Kiwi Waka Inc. have since successfully staged another four festivals and are slowly proving to be
self sufficient.

Kiwi Waka Inc. aims to encourage performers to pursue excellence in the performing arts by
providing a stage and audience in a positive environment where they can showcase their talents.
We support local and wider based stallholders and business owners in their gift of fine food and art.

We wish to share our passion for the Maori, Polynesian and Indigenous Culture, Art and Food
within the wider community.